About Us

NDN's mission is to revolutionize the digital marketplace for leading publishers and brands by providing profitable, best-in-class media solutions.

Better than free.

NDN partners with the top online publishers, content providers, and advertisers to drive increased revenue while bringing premium, brand-safe videos to millions of viewers.

At no cost to publishers or content creators, NDN provides a robust video technology platform with advanced analytics; full service digital media management and CMS; 24/7 editorial support; and much more.

NDN is ranked #1 in comScore's May 2015 ranking of Online News & Information Video Properties and #9 in Top U.S. Online Video Properties, with 32 million monthly unique viewers. NDN affiliates are over 400 highly reputable video sources including AP, CBS Local, Bloomberg, AFP, E! Online, Entertainment Tonight, Rachael Ray, and Fox Sports. It curates their content in various vertical audience categories (such as News & Politics, Sports, and Business & Tech), monetizes each video with advertising from major marketers, and then syndicates to more than 4,000 premium publishers including the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News, Daily Caller, and US News. NDN's state-of-the-art full video CMS eliminates significant infrastructure and operating costs. Both content providers and distributors benefit from shared revenue generated by NDN's national sales force.

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Founded in 2007, NDN set out to provide free solutions for online publishers and content creators struggling to navigate the online monetization ecosystem.

In 2009, NDN introduced the Digital Media Exchange, a comprehensive ground-up solution for publishers, providing fully monetized access to sophisticated video players and premium brand-safe content.

In 2010, AP selected NDN as its syndication partner for AP's 4,000 Member and Associate Member sites.

In 2011, NDN acquired Inform Technologies, a natural language processing and semantic analytics company, allowing NDN to automatically deliver the most continually relevant video to news stories. In 2012, NDN acquired Mochila, the web's leading syndication marketplace for text and photos, expanding NDN's products and monetization capabilities for publishers beyond video. In 2015, NDN acquired Reverb Technologies, the leader in personalization, recommendation, and mobile spaces, enabling NDN to offer advertisers and publishers new ways to reach and monetize valuable audiences.