Sunny Anderson's New 2-Ingredient Recipes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Her two-ingredient recipes wowed our audience the first time around. Now, Sunny Anderson is back with more recipes that are as easy to make as they are fun to eat!
Sweet, spicy, savory simplicity -- these ribs have it all! Whir up a quick sauce in your food processor with ginger, hoisin, scallions, and chile sauce; slather it on pork ribs; tuck them into the oven; and walk away. One and a half to two hours later, tender, falling-off-the-bones ribs. What could be better? Make sure to make a double batch of the sauce; you're going to want to slather it on everything from ribs and pork to chicken.
Cutting the mayonnaise from this Asian-inspired slaw brings out the sweet flavor of Napa cabbage and makes it low in fat.
4 banana smoothie recipes to try out! Really easy and quick to prepare!
Take homemade pasta alfredo to the next level with the addition of savory shiitake mushrooms.
Tired of the same old cheeseburger? Take your Memorial Day BBQ to the next level with this easy upgrade of Southern-style pimento cheese, a delicious mix of cheese, mayonnaise, and pimiento to top your burger.
This delectable salmon dish is easy enough for a weeknight meal, but elegant enough for a special occasion.
This puffy baked treat is a breeze to make because you whirl the batter together in the blender. Once out of the oven, the pancake collapses quickly, so have your forks ready.
Score big with Mom this Mother’s Day! I love being in the kitchen with my kids, and my daughter Mickayla helped develop this recipe, so it’s very special for me. We had so much fun making it and eating it—it’s a simple dish that is super easy to make so kids and Mom alike are sure to be happy.
Everyone’s talking cauliflower these days, it’s simple, tasty and really trending as an online favorite. In this unique recipe cauliflower replaces the use of a grain while still providing the same look and texture with an added nutty taste. Shira adds fresh ginger and a red chile to this vegetable medley for a bit of zing along with coconut oil that brings a warming and welcoming Asian profile to the dish.
Once you've made your own pizza at home, you'll wonder why you ever called for delivery. This savory pie topped with asparagus, artichokes, and tomatoes will have everyone lining up for seconds.
Chef Ryan Scott shows you how you can turn one universal batter recipe into four delicious meals.
Chef Ryan Scott shows you how you can turn one universal batter recipe into four delicious meals.