Dr. Ian's Super Shred Diet

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith shares his new Super Shred Diet, which focuses on calorie disruption and negative energy balance to train your stomach to accept less food at each sitting. Dr. Ian explains that this new diet can help you lose up to 20 pounds in just four weeks!
STORY: Engineers Mexico are keeping pace with the latest advances in wearable technology. Alejandro Garcia and his team from Autonomous University have developed a jacket called "Podium" that allows
Want to lose weight while you sleep? Dr. Ian Smith reveals an eye-opening diet tip that could help you get healthy overnight.
Having trouble remembering to drink six-to-eight glasses of water per-day? Dr. Ian Smith offers an easy -- and some might say fashionable -- way to get you back on track!
Kenema (SIERRA LEONE) (AFP) - Sierra Leone has lost 32 nurses since the end of May to the Ebola virus, an epidemic that's now claimed 1,145 lives in west Africa. Duration: 02:14
Dr. Brad Spellberg, an infectious disease specialist, discusses whether Americans are at risk from the Ebola virus and what would happen if a traveler brings the virus to the U.S.
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Dalilah Restrepo explains healthcare preparations in treating Ebola patients and discusses what level of concern it poses for the United States.
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is deadlier than any in recorded history, infecting 1200 people and killing 672 so far. Bloomberg looks at what makes this epidemic so dangerous and what the U.S. is doing to stop it. Video by: Alexandra Dean, Josh Block, Henry Bernstein, Alan Jeffries
A journalist has recently stated that during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary Clinton claimed that Bill Clinton was addicted to sex because he was abused by his mother as a child. These alleged statements were made to reporter Lucinda Franks during a 1999 interview. Bill Clinton?s mother, Virginia Kelley,died in 1994. Hillary claimed that she hurt Bill ? 'in ways you wouldn't believe, and that history eventually led to Bill?s affair with Lewinsky.
It wasn't long ago that Facebook was widely seen as having a "mobile problem." Those days are gone. Facebook reported Wednesday that mobile ads accounted for about 62% of its ad revenue in the second quarter, up a from just 41% a year prior. The social network's shares are up more than 30% this year, buoyed by the company's newfound success in mobile advertising. The stock is currently poised to open at an all-time high Thursday morning. Facebook's success in mobile is timely, with Web users flocking to mobile devices and leaving their desktops behind.
Sounding alarms about the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, CDC Director Tom Frieden warned Tuesday if the global community does not confront the problem soon, the world will be living in a devastating post-antibiotic era. (July 22)
On a raw diet, everything you eat is uncooked. But is it safe for children? CBS 2's Cindy Hsu reports.
New studies and surveys are highlighting some health risks that come with the popular sport.