Sochi Workers Faced Rampant Abuses Building Olympic Sites

Thursday, January 30, 2014
Abuses included non-payment of wages or significant delays in payments of wages.
Manila (AFP) - Many malls in the Philippines have small chapels inside, allowing families in this devoutly-Catholic country to combine their religious obligations with a trip to the supermarket, the medical clinic, the spa or even a mass wedding.
Zhangjiakou (China) (AFP) - China's proposed Winter Olympics co-host boasts pristine ski slopes carpeted with artificial snow, but the city once dubbed the country's "fur capital" is also home to tens of thousands of caged rabbits and mink bred for their skins.
Ankara (AFP) - Turkey's social democrat CHP party accused the ruling AKP party Wednesday of turning a blind eye to the growth of the Islamic State group.
Bologna (Italy) (AFP) - Rare moving - and moving - images of survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide will be shown in Bologna on Thursday as part of the 29th edition of the Cinema Ritrovato" (Rediscovered Cinema) festival. AFP has obtained exclusive extracts of the film.
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral respiratory disease. It was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012.
A spokesman for the Afghan government says it is investigating reports that Mullah Omar, the reclusive leader of the Afghan Taliban, may be dead. Mana Rabiee reports.
Sochi (Russia) (AFP) - The Russian resort of Sochi, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, is hoping to attract one million visitors during the 2018 football World Cup finals, according to the city mayor.
Bamiyan (Afghanistan) (AFP) - On the same sandstone cliffs that once sheltered the giant Buddhas blown up by the Taliban in 2001, hundreds of man-made caves have become makeshift homes for poor families who have nowhere else to go. Duration: 02:26
Skukuza (South Africa) (AFP) - South Africa's Kruger National Park, home to most of the world's rhinos, is deploying dogs in the vicious anti-poaching war. Duration: 02:51
Mexico (MEXICO) (AFP) - Mexico City is giving away condoms and metro tickets to commuters willing to do 10 squats as part of a programme to promote exercise in a country where obesity is a rampant health issue.
Beijing (AFP) - North Korea's nuclear weapons are "not a plaything" and their future is not up for negotiation, Pyongyang's ambassador to China says in a rare press conference, ahead of a visit by a US envoy to Beijing.
MAZAMARI (PERU) (AFP) - Authorities in Peru rescue 39 people from captivity, including 26 children, whom Maoist Shining Path rebels were raising as future rebel troops, the government says.