Sochi Workers Faced Rampant Abuses Building Olympic Sites

Thursday, January 30, 2014
Abuses included non-payment of wages or significant delays in payments of wages.
Hong Kong (AFP) - Chinese language apps are increasingly turning to the same praise, reward and challenge format that games such as Candy Crush use to such devastating success. Duration: 01:13
Seoul (AFP) - Korean Air CEO Cho Yang-Ho appears in court to testify at the trial of his daughter, charged with violating aviation safety following a "nut rage" incident. Duration: 00:34
Windhoek (AFP) - The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) is on Saturday due to start switching off analogue television transmitters, as the country moves to become fully digital by June. Duration: 01:01
Hilversum (Netherlands) (AFP) - A man armed with a fake gun disrupted Dutch television on Thursday evening when he forced his way into the building of public broadcaster NOS and demanded airtime before being overpowered by police. Duration: 00:55
Baghdad (AFP) - The Islamic State group militant glares at Baghdad residents with bulging eyes and bared teeth, but neither kidnapping nor death are imminent, because this jihadist is made from a shoe. Duration: 00:48
Mexico City (AFP) - A huge gas explosion ripped through a children's hospital in Mexico City, killing at least two people and injuring dozens, including 22 children, as the building partly collapsed. Duration: 01:00
London (UNITED KINGDOM) (AFP) - 'Havengore', the boat which carried Churchill's coffin from Tower Bridge to the Palace of Westminster during his state funeral, has been restored and will re-enact the voyage as part of the commemorations marking Churchill's death. Duration: 01:06
Hayy Diyala (Iraq) (AFP) - Qusay Mahmud Ali returned to find his house north of the Iraqi capital burned, what appeared to be bomb-making material left behind and a noose hanging from a nearby building. Duration: 00:59
Amman (AFP) - Dozens of people gather Tuesday in front of the governement headquarters in Amman to ask for the release of the Jordanian pilot hostage in the hand of the Islamic state groupe.Duration:01:11
London (UNITED KINGDOM) (AFP) - First introduced to the capital in 1814, bringing light to dark and dangerous streets, now a small team of 'London’s last lamplighters' wind the mechanisms and polish the glass to make sure the remaining 1,500 gas lamps glow on. Duration: 02:28
Tokyo (AFP) - Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says his government is redoubling efforts to analyse a new recording issued by the Islamic State group and secure the release of hostage Kenji Goto. Duration: 01:07
Jakarta (AFP) - The co-pilot of an AirAsia flight that crashed into the Java Sea last month was at the controls when it went down, killing all 162 people on board, according to investigators. Duration: 01:03