Sochi Workers Faced Rampant Abuses Building Olympic Sites

Thursday, January 30, 2014
Abuses included non-payment of wages or significant delays in payments of wages.
Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli nationalists and police clashed with Palestinians in occupied east Jerusalem on Sunday as crowds of Jewish hardliners marched across the city to mark the 48th anniversary of its capture in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Vaziani (Georgia) (AFP) - Some 600 US and Georgian troops take part in the "Noble Partner" military exercise, aimed at enhancing the military relationship between the two countries and training Georgian troops for contribution to the NATO Response Force.
Peshawar (Pakistan) (AFP) - Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis displaced by anti-Taliban military operations in tribal areas wish only to return home -- but first they have to agree to fight the extremists themselves. Duration: 02:38
Lyon (FRANCE) (AFP) - In wine-loving France, owners of fine bottles have ironically adopted a practice started in neighbouring Britain that helps ensure the old French adage, "life is too short to drink bad wine".
Toyota City (Japan) (AFP) - Toyota City stands as a testament to the meteoric rise of its namesake, now the world's biggest carmaker. But these days the town is looking to diversify with other industries and practices starting to make their way. Duration: 02:24
Dublin (IRELAND) (AFP) - Dublin is awash with campaign posters, banners, and murals urging people to vote 'Yes' or 'No', as Ireland gets ready to hold the world's first referendum on same sex marriage on Friday in the traditionally Catholic nation.
Bucharest (AFP) - Eurovision is normally associated with outlandish musical performances, but this year's entry from Romania group Voltaj is more sobering. Their song is inspired by children growing up separated from their parents. Duration: 02:35
The battle for control of Ramadi is heating up. Iraqi government forces are fighting back against an Islamic State advance that began overnight. Witnesses say the militant group raised its black
Bangkok (AFP) - The ancient art of 'sak yant', or traditional tattoos, has been prized by Thais for centuries. But increasingly it is foreigners beating a path to the tattoo master's door.
Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) (AFP) - Crocodile farming in Zimbabwe is boosting the struggling economy through the sale of meat, shoes, bags and belts, with the industry employing 1,100 people and at least 100,000 of the animals bred each year.
VALENZUELA (PHILIPPINES) (AFP) - Seventy-two people are killed in a fire at a footwear factory in the Philippine capital as familes of the victims blame barred windows for the disaster.
Jerusalem (AFP) - The Israeli parliament approves Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new rightwing government in a vote of confidence that his coalition won by a razor-thin majority.